Long Weekend… the rest of the photos.

Going on hikes, splashing in the creek, digging up carrots, petting the horses… we did it all. We had a blast.

When we go to the cabin we go to have fun. It is an idyllic setting with beautiful views but we look far from photo worthy while we are there. So even though the background of these photos have the potential to look like a print ad for Lands End or Ralph Lauren, they do not look anything like that. We don’t look like that because when we go to the cabin we got to have fun. We do not dress in tailored flannel shirts and embroidered knit sweaters. Our jeans are not clean and there is no make-up on our face. Yes I carry around my big camera with me almost the whole time but it isn’t because I think I am going to get a photo of the kids that is magazine worthy or because I want to remember how great we all looked. I take these photos because they are us. This is who my family is. We don’t care what we look like when we are at the cabin, we care about the adventures we have and the memories we make.

No one embodies this attitude better than my sister. Beth embraces the “cabin dress-code” of wear only what you don’t care about ruining. She always manages to put together the best ensembles. Sorry Beth, but this one needed to be shared. The sweatpants tucked into polka dot rain boots is classic.

When you head outside at the cabin you grab the warmest looking coat/flannel hanging on the pegs on your way out the door. Most of the time Beth, my mom and I end up wearing my dads old stuff because we can fit extra layers under the his flannels.

I don’t even bother to correct the boys when the put their hoodies on over their vests. Although I wished one of us adults would have taken their helmets off after the 4-wheel ride to the creek. They do look a little ridiculous wearing helmets while hiking though the creek.

However, I will say I was happy Michael had his helmet on when Beth lifted him up onto the felled tree and he began crossing the creek one wobbly step at a time.

For the record, he made it back and forth many times.

Elise is clothed almost entirely in hand me downs. Except for the purple mittens and pink helmet I think she is wearing all of her brother’s old clothes. I love it. I think there is something incredibly endearing and adorable about a little girl wearing her big brother’s hand me downs.



Cabin at Sunrise

The kids had Thursday and Friday off of school last week, so Beth and I planned on taking the kids to the cabin for the long weekend. To make the weekend even longer I let the kids play hooky from school on Wednesday. It is a 10 hour drive from our house to the cabin when travelling with kids. That is a full day of travel, so taking that extra day off of school meant we got to enjoy 3 full days of cabin fun before heading home on Sunday.

I have over 2,200 photos to sort through and edit. These were the first photos I took on our long weekend at the Cabin. It will be a while before I get the rest finished. For now enjoy the view of the cabin at sunrise.

I am pretty happy with how these turned out. I did minimum editing and I think they look pretty nice. I have not photographed a lot of sunrises or sunsets because sunrise is far from my favorite time of day and at sunset time it is chaos inside the house!

as I get photos edited I will post them to this album.