Pool, Popcorn and Parasols

The fumes in the house are headache and dizziness inducing so we are in a hotel again. This makes it the third night we have had to sleep in a hotel because of flooring that we were promised would be finished while we were in Florida. When we were in Florida ONE MONTH AGO!
It makes me cranky especially since I spent the morning in the walk in clinic getting my throat swabbed and having my suspicions confirmed, I have strep.
The kids don’t mind the extra night in the hotel.








Yesterday they ripped out the hardwood that should have been ripped out originally.


They replaced the hardwood.


Put in a stair tred.


He sanded for hours and then stained.


Today it got the first coat of poly.


All that happened in a day and a half. One thing our contractor does well is hire good subcontractors.


Tomorrow the whole main floor gets it final coat of poly. We are almost to the point of moving furniture back in!

Spring 2014 Header

Unfortunately the kitchen floor is being ripped up again (as I type this they are banging away and the dog is barking) and not all the cabinets are installed yet so I can not feature the kitchen on the header image this season. Maybe by Spring 2015.

I guess the kids smiley faces will have to do. Thank you Disney Vacation for the rosy cheeks and big smile.



You can find more old headers here. They do not go back to 2006 when we started the blog because we have gone through a few different blog styles since the beginning.

First Swim Meet

I am quite proud of myself for not crying like a complete sap, but I did well-up enough for my vision to be as watery as if I was one of the kids swimming without goggles. What can I say… my Dad was a competitive swimmer, my sister and I swam competitively for many years and now my kids have swam in their first swim meet.

The swim school they go to has a few options for make up swim lessons. One of those options is a “Fun Meet” and that is what the kids did today to make up for the swim lessons they missed while we were on vacation. I didn’t know what to expect and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

They had it all organized into heats with the littlest kids going first. It was well managed and in a little over an hour they were able to let each swim level race in multiple events.

Elise swam the “tiger paddle”, or what we called growing up the doggy paddle. The teacher that swam with her wasn’t her usual teacher so the teacher asked if Elise wanted a noodle to swim with. She doesn’t usually swim with the noodle so I was surprised when Elise opted to swim with it. It was probably a good thing though because she has never swam all the way across the pool.

Tiger Paddle: 46:84 seconds

Elise’s second event was the “bird flap” The swim school focuses on safety so the kids know what to do if they ever fall in or feel overwhelmed. The “bird flap” is what they teach the kids after they are comfortable floating on their back.

Bird Flap: 49:49

Patrick swam the free style. Not a lot to explain here except that I think this meet was a bit of a wake up call for Patrick that maybe he should try a bit harder in lessons!

Free Style: 34:16

Patrick also swam the backstroke. He is much more comfortable with the backstroke.

Backstroke: 32:20

Michael swam freestyle.

Freestyle: 18:27

He also swam backstroke.

Backstroke: 18:19

Michael’s final event was breaststroke. He has only had 2 lessons where they had been working on breaststroke. For now his teachers focus on teaching the arms and they let the kids flutter kick until they get the arms down.

Breaststroke: 20:65

Of course the kids’ favorite part was the ribbons. That used to be my favorite part of swim meets too.  That and running around with my friends in-between events… oh and eating taco in a bag. I don’t know why, but it seemed like every swim meet there was always taco in a bag. Taco in a bag is awesome. Swim meets are awesome. I hope this is the first of many.


I am so proud of my little swimmers.  More pictures here.