I never got it before. How is walking in the cold fun? I like to be warm. I like hot coffee, books and fireplaces. Then we went snowshoeing.


I didn’t get it…

I get it now.



We are excited to announce Townsourced!

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3 months ago Tim left the company he has worked at for almost 11 years. He left because he had an idea for a website that we both thought could have a positive impact in our communities. We have worked on this website together for the past year over nights and weekends, and a week ago, we LAUNCHED!

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Townsourced is locally moderated community bulletin board. Unlike Craigslist, anyone can start a “town”. “Towns” are communities of any size from your school, church, club or actual town. Unlike Facebook Garage Sale sites, you can search for items! You can search by hashtags, word searches and even by location. My favorite feature is that in real life, people are part of many communities… in Townsourced you can be a part of many communities and when you want to post to your communities you can post to them all, SIMULTANEOUSLY. No more copying and pasting! And with the built in cross posting or POMS, the comments are attached to the post so you don’t have to answer the same question over and over and there is never any confusion over who commented first and on which post.

Preview before Publish

If this is something that interests you, or if you just want to support Tim and I, please check out Townsourced. As of this last week, Townsourced is live to the public and ready for use. Now all we need is users!

The site is new, but it is built to be flexible, so if you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear from you. Our goal was to create a tool for people to use, so your input at this early stage is invaluable.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, ANYTHING please share in the comments, email me, PM (private message) me on Townsourced. We are really proud of Townsourced and we hope it is something useful for all of you. As I said earlier, Townsourced is very new so it will look sparse in the beginning but with your help, the communities will grow quickly!

So please, check it out and tell EVERYONE you know!

You can follow Townsourced on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and we have a Townsourced Blog too!

Last Photo as a 9 year old!

Tomorrow Michael, our first baby, turns 10….

Today we threw a Birthday Party for him. He wanted a backyard pool party and that is what he got. There were 13 kids here, including our 3, splashing, giggling, screaming, chasing, playing and laughing. The party could not have gone better. Everyone had fun, especially the birthday boy.

After the gift bags were handed out and all the friends had gone home, Beth gave Michael her gift to him. He unwrapped and was so excited. She made him a Super Hero Pow! tie blanket that he now calls his “onomatopoeia blanket” He has had it wrapped around him all night.

Tim made homemade pizzas and we ate curled up in front of The Incredibles (Michael’s pick – he was feeling “like a Super Hero movie would be a good fit for the day”) And after pizza we made ice cream sundaes.

In between pizza and ice cream, I asked Michael to step out on the deck for his “Last photo as a 9-year-old.” He said, “Should I stand in the corner of the deck like the other times?” and he walked over to the corner and gave me a smile.

Look at how tall he is! (Ignore the blurry-ness of the photo)

Then he asked, “Maybe can we take a photo with the pool in the background since my birthday party was today and it was so much fun?!” Of course I obliged.

He gave me that smile and it melted my heart. It reminded me of little 5 year old Michael. And seconds later I took this photo… I swear in those seconds he turned 10 years old. When did he grow up?!

Michael and I went back inside after high-fiving over his last photo as a 9-year-old and made ice cream sundaes. We took them down stairs and watched the rest of the movie as a family.

It was a perfect day.


I swear I didn’t plan this. As I am writing this, I am looking back at old photos for a baby photo to insert into this post….  and I realized symmetry of this birthday and his first.

His first birthday was a pool party

And he was surrounded by those who loved him.

And he ate a blue frosted cake.

And tomorrow he turns 10….