Back to School

Two days ago tim saw a change of outfits and we havnt had a chance to snap a picture tell last night. Their latest ensamble if perfect for early fall. They are descorated for back to school in apples and books. Super Cute!

Back to school
I believe they are suppost to represent teacher and student. They are wearing a rather standard hat but the red trim on the “studnet” makes up for the hats! I just love these ducks 🙂

One thought on “Back to School

  1. Beth

    The ducks look great!! So I have a little question for Tim..a task on my palm that he was playing with forever and a day the other weekend just popped up and said to check this website for more did you that on there? and two, are there more pictures of michael on here that i just can’t find?! i miss my little man! if not take some more and put them up here i’m sure he’s changed some more Love ya


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