Barry vs. The Beaver

The Beaver have consistently plagued the Clute’s cabin, and have torn down tree after tree to block the little creek that runs by the cabin. One weekend, one of the felled trees didn’t make it all the way to the creek. It was hung up on another tree.

Barry thought there was no reason the Beaver should get this tree too, so it had to be pulled away from the creek, and chopped into firewood.

From the get go, there was some flaws in our plan. First, the tree was too tall, and the chain we had for the truck was too short. If we were to just pull it straight down we’d be picking branches out of cab of the truck.

I then had the brilliant(?) idea to use the four-wheeler to pull the tree at another angle away from the truck, and I figured the tree would land somewhere in between the two (I remembered something about the Pythagorean theorem, and right-angle forces, and it seemed like it would work fine).

I won’t spoil the ending for those of you who don’t know what happened, just enjoy the movie, and comment your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Barry vs. The Beaver

  1. Sarah

    I must say I wish I could have been there. Hope everything is going well with Michael. Things are good here at the moment.
    Love ya tons,

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