Zzzzz and Leaf Blowers

Big news from the home front: Michael slept through the night. He slept from 6:30pm straight through to 6am! Tim and I have never felt so rested! (since Michael was born) We are a proud mama and papa to say the least.

As for the promise of duck pictures: We went for a walk yesterday to enjoy the last of the fall weather. I pulled out the camera as we neared the home of the ducks (because Tim has already sworn he would not be caught dead taking a picture of the “stupid ducks”) but the man of the house was outside with a leaf blower! Needless to say, it would have taken a long time to explain to the 70+ year old man with the leaf blower why we wanted to take pictures of his ducks and what a BLOG is. We decided to leave the man alone with his leaf blower and walked past like normal people, all the while cursing our bad luck! We are down to today and tomorrow to get a picture of the Halloween outfits. It will be a challenge but I think we can do it!

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