I know, I know… I have not been blogging recently!

Here is my excuse:

In the past few weeks we hosted a Bond Weekend (Shannon family getting together to watch the newest Bond movie, play video and board games, and enjoy drink that were “Shaken, not Stirred”) We had a Fast Roll Out party, Michael had his 4 month check up with 4 shots, and of course Thanksgiving Weekend in Grand Forks with the Shannons.

As always, we have plenty of pictures but Tim has been working so much he hasn’t had time to post them. He is going to try to get up all the pictures this weekend.  You may be thinking, Megan why don’t you just post the pictures? My response to that question is that every time Tim starts to show me the 800 step process of posting pictures my eyes glaze over and I start playing with Lucy! If Tim could make the learning process a little more fun, I am sure I could stay focused through the tutor session, but until then… you will have to wait for Tim to have some free time!

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