The von Trapp Children, They are REAL!

For all of you who don’t know much about Beth and my childhood, here is a quick over view.

Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, especially The Sound of Music, were playing on the TV or the radio pretty much 24/7. Here is a link that I know my family will enjoy, for the rest of you go ahead and laugh at our love for family heritage (not just our family, but every family). Just know that because of our fascination with family heritage my Grandma has researched our ancestors and claims she can trace our roots back to Norwegian Queens! Thats right, we may be a little rough around the edges but there is a little royalty in all of us! 🙂

These are the actual Grandkids of the real von Trap family. They are still singing and yes Beth, I was right, Maria did exsist and she was a nun that married a rich bachelor with a bunch of kids!!!


The von Trapp Children- Family History- Music CD’s – Online Store

von Trapp Kids

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