Michael and I are fighting!

Every since his Christmas photo shoots he refuses to sit up. I think he is getting revenge for how much I made him sit up this weekend. Every time I prop him into a sitting position he will look me in the eye, smirk, and then topple over and giggle. I think he takes pleasure in frustrating me. He is doing it to push my buttons, five months old (almost) and he is already testing the waters.

He is also figuring out that if he squeals and talks enough while I am doing chores, I will come over and play with him for a bit. So now every time I turn away from him he squeals to get my attention and keeps on squealing tell I look at him… that kid.

So right now we are in the mist of our first battle of control, and so far I think Michael is winning. But for the record, I am making a mental note of every battle he wins so I can use it against him when he wants to borrow the car as a teenager…. its all about who gets the last laugh! The war has begun!

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