Toes Toes Toes!

There are a few very good reasons to have a baby sleep in his own nurssery and the bags under my eyes this morning is proof.

Last night Michael and I slept in my parents spare bedroom at their condo (reason for that later) and it was the longest night! Michael spend the entire night while sleeping and while awake searching for his toes, grabing them, and then kicking them back down. So my night consisted of constand grunting while trying to reach the toes, squealing with joy when he found his toes and a lound thump as he dropped his toes. I think I sleptin in about 30 minute increments all night. To say the least, it was a wonderful way to end an awefulweek!

The reason our week was so aweful and why I am in Minot:

On Wednesday afternoon I started feeling nausious, by the time Tim  got home from work i was doubled over the toliet, and by 8 a nurse was hooking me up to an IV so I wouldn’t pass out from loss of fluids. Two bags of fluid and two doses of Morphene later, I was sent home. At 9 the next morning, I was nudged by tim and he groggily asked me to feed Michael. I know, I know… I was pissed at the time too, till he explained that he had spent from 5:30 am on doubled over the toilet.

I then called my Mom, because thats what I do when things seem helpleess, and she told me to pack up Michael and load him into the car and meet me in Washburn. Tim, my Mom, and I all decided it would be best to send MIchael away from the germ infested apartment before he could catch anthing. Yesterday afternoon, after speed bleaching the entire apartment, I left Tim  to fend for himself (he is now feeling much better) and I headed off to see my son. So here I am, 10:50 am friday morning, waiting for Michael to stop stomping and go down for his nap practically holding my eyelids open as I type. It has been one heck of a week. Hopefully we will all be rested up and ready for the excitement of next week, but for now… I am not gettingout of my PJs for anything!

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