Black Eyed Sweet Pea

Before you call child services let me explain, Michael got a hold of an ad from the Sunday paper and was enthralled by it’s crinkling. He was playing and squealing and then he started trying to eat the paper which led to more excitement and next thing we new he was rubbing the wet newspaper all over his face, hence the black eye. His hands, face, and head were covered in black ink!  It took some baby soap and scrubbing, but he no longer looks like he was dropped on his face.

Michael and I are back home in Bismarck. Tim has completely recovered. As soon as he was better, Lucy starting vomiting. That was on Saturday night, she is seems better now but doesn’t have her appetite back yet. I am so ready to be done with this flu. If we can make it through this without Michael getting sick it will be a miracle!

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