Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas from the Shannon family! We are in Minot and are enjoying the lull before the storm. We woke up this morning to stuffed stockings from Santa and many presents under the tree!

Last night, Christmas Eve, we spent with the Arnold side of the family (My Mom’s Mom and Brother and his wife and kids). As always we feasted on Torsk (1 part fish 2 parts butter – tim), meatballs and all the fixings. After a delicious dinner prepared by my Grandma (who now likes to be addressed as “The Matriarch”) we continued another Arnold family Christmas Eve tradition: singing carols for our presents. It took some coercing but Dean’s boys, Matthew and Michael, finally joined in. Check back later for video of us all singing for our presents. It isn’t a pretty sight (or sound) but it is a lot of fun!

This afternoon is Christmas with the Clute side of the family. We always get together and eat a whole bunch, open presents and eat a whole bunch more. We then finish off the perfect Christmas day with stuffing ourselves with treats!

Check back for pictures and video.

Next weekend is Christmas with the Shannons. We will all get together in Grand Forks and party it up Shannon style, with (I am sure) lots of food and games…. can’t wait!

Michael is really enjoying this whole Christmas thing. He spent the entire Christmas Eve church service starring up at the vaulted ceiling and flirting with the 8 month old girl sitting next to him. He has eaten tissue paper, played with all the relatives, and skipped many naps. He is pooped!

A little known Christmas Trivia: The traditional Norwegian meal that my Grandma prepares for Christmas Eve takes on average 12 – thats right – 12 pounds of butter!!!

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