6 month checkup

After all the hoopla over the past few days and going in and out of the doctors office we have been reassured that Michael’s breathing problem is just a behavior trait and the raspy gasp is just new noise he likes to make. Now that we know that he is okay Tim and I are breathing easier too. He also got another series of shots and was not happy about that but he got over them after a bottle so all is normal again in the Shannon household.

Michael’s stats are now:
Height: 27 inches, 75%
Weight: 18 lbs, 60% (So all of you that think is chubby, HAH! He isn’t nearly as big as you thought he was)
Head Circ.: 17 3/6, 90% (Tim is convinced this proves his theory that his son is a genius!)

Tim and I also saw the eye doc today. We are both still very blind, nothing new there.

That about wraps it up for news from the home front. Oh, except we are saying goodbye to our favorite Canadians. Tonight is a going away party at the Bistro for Brad, Kathy and Nicholas. It stinks they have to move but they are happy to be heading back across the border where no one will tease them about saying “Aye” or pronouncing decals wrong šŸ™‚ I am proud to say that in the short time they lived here, Nicholas (their 2 year old son) learned the phrase “Uffda” and uses it as naturally as any North Dakota Norwegian!

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