Our “Do Nothing” weekend!

So much for our do nothing weekend. It started off just as we planned, we were in PJs most of Saturday and did nothing. Sunday morning we were late for church so we rushed out and forgot to lock up Lucy in her kennel. We got back from church (which we had to leave early because Michael was very crabby) to Lucy sitting at the top of the stairs looking very sick. Tim found the empty bottle of Advil and I called the vet…. long story short the vet said we needed to make her vomit….then we spent the rest of the day cleaning the vomit….and then finally today, the last day of our “do nothing” weekend we shampooed all the carpets.

She is doing better now and is back to her old self again. We learned two very important lessons this weekend: Do not bring a crabby baby to church and the best carpet cleaner on the market is the Rug Doctor!

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