A Website All College Students Should Know About


This post is mainly for Beth and Rachel. I know you guys are sick of spending all your savings on books for school. This new site just got a huge amount of funding. Chegg.com has books that are way cheaper than those you’d find at a college book store, and the site is easy to use. You just look up your campus, and then buy your books.

I wish I had this when I was in college. I spent weeks trying to find all the books I needed on Amazon or Ebay.

One thought on “A Website All College Students Should Know About

  1. Shams

    Yo i feel the same way, and I just bought from Chegg.com and I was surprised to find that my books, which were not only scaled down ridiculously in price already, came the next day! Unbelievable service.

    Also, do u know whats up with this “hatch” thing? Its only 12 days away and i wanna know whats going on!

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