Birthday Weekend

On Friday the whole Shannon clan came to Bismarck to celebrate the birthdays of Steve, Jon, Jim and Tim. That night we all met at the Comfort Suites and ate lots of food went swimming and played an intense game of water volleyball. While most of us swam, Jim, Ruth, Ben and Carmen stayed up stairs watching TV and making sure Michael, who was sleeping restfully in the bath tub,
didn’t wake up!

Michael sleeping in bath tub

The next morning we were back at the pool with Michael. It was his first time swimming. The hotel kept the pool really warm, almost like bath water, so he loved it! We all took turns “swimming with Michael” or passing him around in his big rubber ducky. After a hour of swimming Michael was ready for a bottle and a nap. Tim and I took him home while the others enjoyed the water slide.

Michael swimming

Shannons in hot tub

After checking out of the hotel, everyone joined us for lunch and cake. Michael napped for 4 long hours while Ben and Tim spent most of the afternoon traveling the world via Google Earth showing us points of interest including where Ben proposed to Carmen and the Eiffel Tower (where Tim proposed to me) and of course the Guinness Factory in Dublin, Ireland!

The weekend was fun and all the boys were very happy with their booty (pirate lingo for treasure) they got for their birthday, in fact Tim is testing out his binoculars right now and I am sure as soon as Michael is asleep he will start playing his new video games too!

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