Back to reality

After 5 days of not having Michael around we are back to changing diapers, singing lullabies, and making bottles. Michael has been with his Grandma and Grandpa Clute. They took him for the weekend as a birthday present to Tim.

Tim, Lucy and I spent the weekend at home playing Mario Brothers (we finally made it to level 6, with no warp whistle I might add!) We ate out at all the restaurants we have been wanting to try. I had the best salmon at the Bistro and Tim loved his crab ravioli at Johny Corinos. We also took in 2 movies, Pans Labyrinth and Pursuit of Happyness. Both were great movies.

We picked up Michael this morning in Minot. we were both soooo excited to see him. I know for a fact he got bigger while he was gone. He is now holding up his weight while standing (he still has a tough time with the balance thing though) he can scoot himself forward in his walker a bit and he is eating stage 2 baby food now. (he still hates carrots!!)

Thats about it for now, Tim has a few pictures that he promised to pit up asap, so check back later for new pics.

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