Geni – Everyones Related

I am not positive, but I think Steve started this. I just started adding names for my side of the family tree, please add more. I think it is really interesting. And Grandma, if you got the time… you should prove to Tim that the Haalands can trace their roots back to Norwegian Royalty!!!
Geni – Everyones Related

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  1. Phil Haaland

    Hi, I’m Phil (Grandma Marj’s brother) Haaland who lives in Devils Lake. I find your website to be most interesting and I’m equally impressed with your knowledge of the “in’s and out’s” of setting up such a complex and interesting website. Let me get to my point. Your website section on “Geni-Everyone’s Related” especially caught my interest. More so, is your apparent search to find out if the Haaland family name can be traced way back to Norwegian Royalty. I’m 56 years old and I can’t say that my parents or other “older”/now deceased relatives ever mentioned that possibility. However, I think your pursuit of whether or not the Haaland name can be traced to royalty is most interesting. I only wanted to add my “2 cents” to your search. If Grandma Marj has not already directed you in this direction, the general knowledge I and my siblings have of our Haaland ancestry have always been told is that essentially most, if not all, of the Haaland ancestory comes out of the area in and/or around Stavanger, Norway. The internet is loaded with websites referring to finding one’s family ancestry roots in or around Stavanger. Having got caught up in your search as well, the internet is so full of websites it’s almost exhausting. Some information on the net is free, other info you’ll have to pay for. This may not enable you to find any specific info pertaining to your search for the Haaland name and potential royalty, but I just wanted to pass this along. Enjoy your “ride” as you continue your search. By the way, if you do eventually find out conclusive evidence of Haaland + royalty, I’d sure appreciate hearing about it. Thanks for your time, Tim and Meg, and again, good luck. Your website is GREAT!! Phil Haaland

  2. Phil Haaland

    This is a “follow-up” reply Tim and Meg to my first email to you which pertains to your search as to whether the Haaland name can be traced back to Norwegian Royalty.

    One additional comment I forgot to mention in my first email, and may or may not prove to be significant. It is that is my understanding that the Haaland ancestry, when one goes far, far enough back into OUR Haaland name roots, is that at one time, the Haaland name may have been initially spelled with one “a” such as: Haland. Perhaps many of my closer relatives may disagree with me on this. However, I believe that is a strong possibility, if not a fact and, again, sometime far back in time, the then Haland name of course became Haaland. I only mention that as if you continue your search throughout history, trying the Haland spelling at some particular time within your search may possibly point your search in a direction one may not have thought of? Again, these are only my thoughts and beliefs. If this is read by more Haalands, I may start a family uproar. Just kidding. Again, have fun. Phil

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