17 Below!!!!


Michael and I just got back from an emergency trip to Target (we were out of wipes and down to our last diapers). On our way back home the car said it was -17 degrees! Can you believe that. BRRRR.

Tomorrow is Beth’s Birthday so if anyone sees her sing her Happy Birthday, she loves the attention! In fact, Beth thrives on attention so if you ever see her just give her a little shout out from across the room. We are heading to Minot tomorrow to celebrate. We are pumped. We haven’t been out to the cabin in months. Mom says there is enough snow to go skiing behind the 4-wheeler so Tim is excited. Every time we mention the cabin Lucy’s ears perk up and she does this happy little cabin dance which consists of running in circles which then leads to her chasing her tail. It is pretty funny.

I just got off the phone with Grandma Moo, she was calling from Vegas and wondering what “The Producers” was about. Her and her friends scored some tickets and they are going to the show tonight! I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for her. I saw the touring show in Minn. a few years ago and it was amazing! I just hope that the dancing homosexual Hitler impersonator isn’t to much for her! The only down side to the Vegas production of The Producers is that David Hasselhoff (thats right, the Bay Watch lifeguard) is in the show. I am not sure who he plays, but I am guessing it is Max Bialystock. Bad casting if you ask me, but what do I know! Even if Hasselhoff is a dud, the show will still be incredible. You just can’t go wrong with The Producers!
The Producers, Vegas

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