Michael and Lucy Picture

I have got a few calls about this picture. I just want everyone to know, once and for all, that NO we did not stage the picture. Lucy doesn’t like when Michael is fussy and just moments before the picture he was fussing about being on his tummy so Lucy was nudging him to make him feel better, when that didn’t work she rested her head on on his back and Michael immediately stopped fussing and smiled. We took the picture, Lucy didn’t like the camera flash so she moved her head and Michael started fussing again. That is how it happened. No staging, Michael and Lucy just like each other that much!
Not happy

One thought on “Michael and Lucy Picture

  1. Tim

    I’ll vouch for that, we have a weird dog. Sometimes I think she’s not too bright, but then other times it’s a little scary how smart she is. Either way Michael like her.

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