Michael and His Keyboard… Could I be more proud?

So the other day at lunch Michael was trying his darndest to crawl to get to his keyboard. He was getting close too. Every time he tried to push himself up to get closer to the keyboard, he’d only succeed in pushing himself backward. And each time he moved backward he got more and more ticked when his keyboard was getting further out of reach.

It was the cutest thing. I’m sure he’ll figure it out some day. When Meg lets him use the real keyboard on the computer, I get bombarded with undecipherable emails. Once I could swear it was the beginning of a c++ program, but I might have been wrong.

Does anyone else get these emails?

Also sometimes when I come home I find things on my computer moved around or deleted, or other times at lunch Meg will say

Today Michael marked all of your emails as important, but I have no idea how he did it.

I’m telling you the kids a genius.

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