JC Concert Choir in Bismarck

Yesterday, Tim and I went to the JC CC concert at Mcabe Methodist church in Bismarck. Before I tell you how good the concert was, I must tell you about how well Michael did. He mad it through the WHOLE concert without pitching a fit. We did have to take him out of the sanctuary and pace with him a bit, but other than that he was a jewel!

As for the CC, they were great. They did two songs that we did while at JC, a Moses Hogan classic and Wake, Awake. In all honesty I think we sounded better when we sang them, but they were at the beginning of the tour. It is amazing what a difference spring tour makes for the sound of the choir. I am sure by the home concert they will be kicking butt on all their pieces!

We didn’t get to see Rach sing cause she wasn’t feeling well, but we did get to sit next to her the second half of the concert. It was fun to see everyone from back in the day, granted most of the faces were new to us. However, it was good to see somethings never change. The S2s were still the best looking section, the T1s still made funny faces while hitting the high notes, and everyone was still wearing black polyester!!!

The new conductor has done great things with the choir, they blend better than they have in years. The music was new, not the same recycled songs, and he has some rockin’ hair!

All in all, it was an afternoon well spent. Good to see the choir again, almost made me miss college…. but that was just one fleeting brief moment that left when Rach told us about her upcoming midterms!

here is the JC CC website

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