Mom Help!

I don’t know what I do wrong, but my mashed potatoes never turn out like Grandma Moo’s or Moms. Of course, when I need her the most Mom is out saving the world one Health Unit crisis at a time. I think it is cause I over beat them, they always come out gluey and sticky. If i mash them too much they are sticky, if I don’t mash them enough they are lumpy. I know mom uses a mixer not a potato masher, and it works great for her…. Grrr! Next time I am taking the easy route and using a box! Ok, maybe not, but I am getting frustrated and am going to stick to scalloped corn (no one can screw that up)

This house wife thing isn’t as easy as it looks. I don’t know how June Clever always did it with a smile and a cute dress on!! I bet she never messed up something as simple as mashed potatoes.

June Cleaver

One thought on “Mom Help!

  1. Grandma Clute

    Sorry I wasn’t there in your time of need – make sure you are draining those potatoes. I put them in a strainer and let them sit until they are dry before I mash them. If they’re sticky it is probably the starch water from boiling the potatoes. Love Mom

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