Sign or Not to Sign

That is the question of the day.

Tim and I have always been adamant about not teaching Michael baby sign language, BUT after researching it more I am kind of on the fence. Our concerns are that he will rely on the signing and not verbalize. On the other hand, if we teach him to sign he will be able to communicate earlier which will make it easier on him and us when the new baby comes.

All the recent studies show that signing is best, but the generation before us was all about not signing and letting the child learn to communicate verbally. Some people say that the signing thing is just the latest fad i.e. a commercial way to suck in moms to spending even more money on the kids. Others say it is the best thing for the kids.

I don’t know. It probably isn’t appropriate to flip a coin in this situation…

Michael has his 9 month (9 months! Crazy!) check up next week, I think I will ask the doctor and see what she thinks (we really like our ped. and I trust her opinion)

until then, I guess I will just keep reading up on it.

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