Spirit Lake and the Gatlin Brothers

This past weekend Tim, Michael and I (Lucy stayed at the Kennel) headed up to Devils lake to join my family for what my Great Uncle Phil says, “Is the best concert I have ever seen!” and of course to try our luck at the slot machines.

We arrived in Devils Lake around noon, fed Michael and went straight to the pool. I promise to nag Tim consistently until he gets the pictures up because they are soooo cute! Michael just loves the water. The kiddie pool was only 6 inches deep in the shallowest part so he could touch the bottom while in his floaty turtle. He just motored himself all over the pool and would come back to you when you called his name. He had a blast.

After making a HUGE mess at the dinner and a few mean looks from the staff, Michael went to sleep for the night. I am not kidding, it was a HUGE mess. There were half chewed crackers, hunks of dinner roll all over the floor underneath his high chair. After dinner, Tim and I put Michael to bed in the bathtub and I got ready for the concert. Tim volunteered to stay back with Michael (he has never been much of a country music fan, plus he had his laptop so he was happy)

The seats for the concert were first come first serve. Phil was proudly the first in line. (he came 3 hours early to make sure he got “the best seats”) Beth and I wadded through the sea of blue haired women to get to our seats next to the family. I was lucky enough to sit next to a nail bitting, mustache grooming, nose picking ol’ cowboy. I will admit, it was distracting and rather disgusting at first but by the end of the concert Beth and I were holding back giggles about the ten gallon hat wearing man!

Other than my seat neighbor, the concert was a lot of fun. Contrary to what my mother told me (She told me the concert was 4 old African American men singing gospel) it was good ol’ country music. Not the twangy kind, but the good country music. The Gatlin Brothers wrote songs for Elvis, were friends with the legendary Johny Cash, and even won a Grammy. It was a fun concert. They even mad me cry, they made Mom and Grandma cry a few times… but that isn’t much of a feat! The lead singer had all the Vets stand to be recognized and to look around the concert hall while all of the service men and women proudly stood would bring even cynics to tears. I think everyone in the place was wiping tears away, everyone except Beth of course.

After the concert Beth and I were almost swept away by the crowds heading to the slot machines. We headed back to the room and Beth relieved Tim of baby sitting duties so Tim and I could join the rest of the family in front of the slots.

The next morning we took advantage of the pool one last time, Michael made another yet smaller mess at the lunch buffet and we headed for home. All in all a fun weekend. We broke even on the slots (thanks to my Bond machine and Tim’s penguin features)

As I said early, I will remind/nag Tim to get pics and video up asap.

Here is the link to the Gatlin Brothers website.

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