Long story as short as possible.

Here it goes.
Three to four weeks ago we called our landlord to fix the furnace because it kept turning off. He sent someone to fix it and the repair man said to us, “I will tell your landlord that it temporarily fixed it, but he needs to get you a new furnace.”

Fast forward to last Wednesday. I, and my super strength pregnancy nose, smelt smoke coming from the vents. We turned off the heater because the weather was nice enough, and decided to talk to Tim about it when he got home. It got cold that night, really cold so we turned the furnace back on and the smell was gone.

The next morning (Thursday) the house was FREEZING. Tim went down to check the furnace and it had shut itself off. He called the Landlord to have someone come and fix it (Tim had had to do this quite often over the past weeks after the “temporary fix”) He said he would have someone over later that morning. The house dropped down to about 60 degrees and it got too cold for Michael so we went to the Mall to kill some time.

Michael and I picked up Tim for lunch picked up some burgers (to satisfy a pregnancy craving) and head to the apartment to see if the repair man was there yet. He still wasn’t there and the house had dropped to below 60 degrees. We dropped Tim back off at work and drove in circles until the repair truck was in the drive way. As I was walking up to the apartment I overheard the repair man talking to our landlord on his cell. He was saying, “Richard, you are lucky they all didn’t go up in flames.” I waited for him to finish the phone call and asked him (as politely as I could) what was going on. He showed me the furnace and said that flames were rolling up the inside the furnace. EVERYTHING inside the furnace, pipes, wires…everything was scorched. The repair man reassured me that he was unplugging/detaching (or whatever they do) the furnace and it would never be turned on again. He condemned it on the spot.

Furnace Furnace

Fast forward again one hour. The repair man said he was scheduled to come in the next morning to install a new furnace. And then Richard and one of his lackeys knocked on the door. Lucy, of course, went nuts. Everything in me wanted to just let her go and let her bite the man (not the lackey, he is a good guy. It isn’t his fault his Boss is a jerk). I kenneled Lucy, they came upstairs (without taking off their shoes tracking mud on my carpet) and handed me 3 space heaters. They offered me a fourth but said “only use this if you absolutely have to,” meaning it was a piece of crap and would probably start you on fire. I took them and showed them the door. He didn’t even apologize for almost burning us down. He just said as he was leaving, “This is a really inconvenient thing for me.”

Tim came home from work to a cold baby and a crying wife (I cry when I am really mad). I told him what was wrong, he calmed me down (which was no easy task), called a hotel, helped me pack our bags and we headed off to the Comfort Inn. I am happy to report that we stayed in a two room suite and the Landlord will be getting the bill with next months rent check.

I know I promised you (the faithful readers of our Blog) a “short as possible” story, I tried I really did. The story does end well so keep reading…. It will be worth it, I promise.

The next morning Tim headed off to work, I checked out of the hotel, took Lucy to the kennel for the day and Michael and I drove in circles and toured the mall again. It took them until 3:30 to get the new furnace up and running and another hour to heat the apartment (by then it was 50 degrees). We are now back in our apartment and it is warm and safe, the installation men promised me multiple times that it was safe.

And here is your reward for making through this long blog:
Tim did all the uploading and editing of the pictures for the past month. Enjoy!

Michael Standing

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One thought on “Long story as short as possible.

  1. Rachel

    WOW!!! Why can’t some people just do their job the way they’re supposed to! That’s insane! Glad to hear that you guys are safe and warm!

    p.s. There is no end to Michael’s cuteness :~)

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