Not just fun and games anymore

Remember when we were all younger and hearing Mouse Trap meant playing a fun board game. Not anymore. Now when we (Tim and I) hear Mouse Trap it means pulling out the peanut butter jar, Tim getting his fingers snapped, and the possiblity of finding a dead mouse in the morning. Yuck!

Thats right, we now have mice. Have I mentioned lately how much I loathe this apartment? While looking through the Lazy Suzann/Pantry the other night, hoping against hope that a steaming, all ready prepared, nutritious, well balanced meal was hiding behind a box of rice, I noticed that a bag of Ramin noodles was open. Not only was it open, it was chewed open. Upon closer inspection I noticed that some instant oatmeal packets had been chewed through too. Double Yuck! I of course screamed for Tim to come over, we emptied out the pantry and discovered holes in the back wall for electrical cords that were just big enough to fit a little mouse. I ran to WalMart to get snap traps (Dad said the sticky ones just don’t do the trick) and Tim set them up that night.

We (meaning Tim, there is no way I would check the traps) still have yet to catch a mouse. Needless to say, this incident has took all the fun out of Mouse trap!

Mouse Trap

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