Crazy week.

I know we haven’t been good at updating this week. Sorry. Every since we got back on Sunday night things have been crazy busy. Tim has been busy with work, Michael will not sit still he want to be moving at all times (he even kicks his legs while in the high chair!) and Lucy and I have been battling ticks.

Lucy spent the weekend at the cabin while Tim and I were in FL. She came home with countless ticks even after my dad and sister picked many off. Also, our Landlord hasn’t cut the grass yet this spring (AT ALL!) so our yard was infected with ticks too. YUCK!

I think  the problem in finaly solved. The landlord came by and started mowing (he couldn’t finish because there was to much for his mower to handle) and we have shampooed and medicated Lucy with everything on the market. Our house is finally tick free.

Thats all for now, TIm said he would work on the AGM picks tonight, so check back tomorrow for FL pics.

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