(I was singing Annie in my head while writing the title)

Tomorrow we find out the sex of the baby! So excited! As promised months ago, we will post it on the Baby Shannon #2 page.

This past weekend I got my first pedicure and massage at Jess’s bachlorette party, my family conquered ladder ball/Norwegian Golf/ Norwegian Horse shoes/ Bolo Ball AND my Dad turned 48!  It was a pretty busy weekend. What Tim and I are most excited about though is the tree.

Tim and I decided that instead of buying first birthday presents for Michael and all our future kids (who know how many :)) we are going to plant a tree out at the cabin that they can watch grow over the years. I know Michael doesn’t turn 1 for another montha nd a half, but we were told it is best to plant trees in the spring. So we did. It will a gorgeous tree. It is an Autumn Blaze Maple. We will get pics up asap.

Tim is home sick today with a bad cold, Michael is sniffling and I am going to spend the day sanitizing everything!


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