It’s Gone.

I am sure a part of my feelings are from pregnancy hormones, but most the sadness is real. I just saw MY Pathfinder drive away. 🙁 I know logically that we had to sell it so we could have the 4Runner, but still… it stinks to see it go. On the plus side, the guy who bought it is a good blue collar guy with a wife and a five year old. The wife will be driving it, so I think the Pathfinder will be in good hands. He also mentioned that he might replace the hood himself because of the hail damage, I cringe thinking about one of those cars with the mismatching primer black hoods, but Tim says I have to let go. So… time to grow up and move on. So long girl, you will be missed.

3 thoughts on “It’s Gone.

  1. Tim

    Getting rid of the Pathfinder was almost as devastating to Meg as when she found out that Gilmore Girls was ending.

    I think she cried a little more for Gilmore Girls.

  2. Rachel

    ha ha, Tim. a girl’s car is very important to her. especially when it’s as awesome as the pathfinder! Sorry, Meg!

  3. Megan Post author

    Thanks for the support everyone! 😉 And Tim… you were suppose to keep that a secret. I can’t help it if my pregnancy hormones and my strong bond to the Gilmore Girls made me a little emotional that night. It is a good show. I am just waiting and hoping for a spin off with Kirk as the title character!

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