Long over-due pictures… at least a few

It’s been quite a while since I’ve uploaded pictures, and when I hooked up the camera I’ve noticed how long it’s been since we’ve taken pictures.

Michael is still growing crazy fast, but we’ve been so busy with HOBY and work and what not that we haven’t been taking many pictures. Here are the few pictures we did take:

You can get the rest of them here.

Also, in other news, we recently bought a new Toyota 4Runner to accommodate our increasingly expanding family. We’ll get some pictures up of it soon.

One thought on “Long over-due pictures… at least a few

  1. Aunt Claudia

    Michael is sooo Shannon…he could be Tim!! Know you are enjoying every minute of his babyhood (except for the needed time away to see “Georgia Rules”). Thanks for the movie review…will definitely cross that one off my list. Meg, hope you are feeling good with your pregnancy. Miss and love you all, Auntie C

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