Small World

I went to Hancock Fabrics to ask for a few contacts for someone who would stitch the quilt I made. I got a business card and with out even looking at the name of the lady I wrote her an email asking about pricing and such. I got an email back this morning with all the info and at the bottom of the email there was a p.s. It said. “Is this Megan Clute? this is Ashley Zodrow from Minot.” Crazy. Ashley and I grew up together in the same church, we rocked out the hand bells, went on church trips together, and graduated High School together. Small World. She is married now and has a 8 month old (I think she is about 8 months). Her husband was a classmate of ours too. I don’t know if I would have put two and two together even if I had looked at the name on the card! Hrm. Funny stuff. Small World.

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