Pulling teeth…

Today Meg is getting her wisdom teeth out because they’ve been causing her a lot of pain. Since she’s pregnant, then can’t put her under general anesthesia, so they are going to just numb the area around her wisdom teeth, and she’ll be feeling everything they do. I don’t envy her right now, but you can all give her a call tomorrow, and make fun of her when she tries to talk on the phone with a mouth full of gauze.

4 thoughts on “Pulling teeth…

  1. Ruth

    Meg…This brings back memories……and the reason I still have one wisdom tooth still in my mouth, is Rachel. Wish I was nearer to help with Michael…bless you as you cope…will check on U!

  2. Rachel

    hope you’re starting to feel better…just remember, don’t do the salt wash for 3 days in a row like I did! you’ll get a dry socket… BIG OUCH! Not one of my finer moments! 🙂 Take Care & I’ll see ya this weekend.

    by the way… sorry mom for being the reason you had to suffer with that last tooth. 🙂

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