The Biggest Post Ever!!!

We have lots to catch up on, so this is going to be a pretty extensive post. So much so, that Meg and I are doing this together in one post.

Going in chronological order:

Megan and the 48 hour quilt. This was amazing. On Friday the 13th the wife of one of my coworkers, Kimberly, went into labor, one week earlier than expected, which was certainly much sooner than Meg expected. She was going to make a baby quilt for the Kimberly to give to her in the hospital, and on Friday when I came home and told her that Kimberly was already going into labor, Meg frantically began working on the quilt. I told Meg that we could give them the quilt later, but Meg said she had to get it to them while they were still in the hospital. And I finished in time. Thats right, I rock.Here’s a picture of the results:
Meg's Quilt

Next, right as we were dropping off the 48 hour quilt at the hospital, we headed out to Jamestown to help Ben and Carmen move into their new home. We couldn’t be more excited for them, as they were moving out of a small, cramped apartment in a Jamestown College dorm, to a spacious two story house. The house is so super cute too! Even with nothing unpacked, the house felt like a home. It has BEAUTIFUL hard wood floors and so much charm. I am sorry there are not many pictures, Michael was a handful that day and keeping track of him and keeping him away from the two different sets of stairs was a full time job. The Shannon’s and Carmen’s family (I am not even going to attempt spelling her maiden name, I know I would butcher it!) were all there for the move and to celebrate Ben turning 30! What a birthday, Congrats again you two!

Just so you know, this is the trailer (not the house)empty, it would more impressive without the canvas top.

Jess and Kyle’s Wedding

This past weekend was Jess and Kyle’s wedding. Beth came and picked up Michael and Lucy (thanks again Beth, Mom & Dad!) and Tim and I headed off to Hazen, ND for the nuptials. We got to Hazen by carefully following Jess’s driving instructions “If you pass the giant cow, you have gone too far.” We checked into the hotel early and enjoyed some down time before the busy weekend. The rehearsal went surprisingly smooth. Tim was asked to sing the most difficult wedding song ever, and we were both nervous about him being able to do it. It wasn’t his lack of talent (we all know how good he is) just a really really bad arrangement. Everything ended up working out well. Christine Randall sang too, and as always, she was incredible. The wedding party was all in good spirits and couldn’t wait for the big day to finally happen (Jess and Kyle have been dating for over 7 years).

Tim practicing his silly song

After the rehearsal dinner Jess’s Dad, Steve, met us at the Hazen Hospital where he gave us the greatest gift. He did a 3D ultrasound for us. Not only did he set our fears aside again that Baby Shannon #2’s stomach and bladder were okay, he used his super power ultrasound machine and allowed us to watch the baby live in 3D. The best part was watching the baby suck his thumb and yawn. I have a little person in me!!!

I was incredibly impressed with the 3D ultrasound. Apparently there are only a handful of these machines in the state, and I am sincerely grateful to Steve Santini for doing this for us. I promise I’ll upload some of the many pictures we got of Baby Shannon #2 to the website soon, and you’ll all be amazed at technology, and I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that he (thankfully) has Meg’s nose.

The next morning, still on a 3D ultrasound high, I went and got my hair done and packed my 27 week belly into a very large bridesmaid dress. I do have to admit that the alterations lady worked multiple miracles and the dress ended up looking pretty good. Tim and I followed our schedule to the letter (Jess’s is the definition of a “Type ‘A'” personality)and got me to the church on time to get ready for photos. Otis and James were the photographers (they did our wedding and will be taking our newly expanded family pictures come November) and I can’t wait to see how they turn out, they do a great job. Jess looked beautiful, the church looked beautiful, all the music was beautiful… the whole wedding was beautiful. I made it through the ceremony with only going through 3 or 4 tissues. It was a great day. The reception was a blast and it reflected Jess and Kyle perfectly. The food rocked and I have to admit I took two jars of Jess’s Mom’s famous apple butter! Congrats Jess and Kyle! Tim and I challenge you to a game to Clue next time we are in Grand Forks!

Jess and Kyle

The last big event that has happened in our household was Michael’s first haircut. Meg and I were reluctant to trim his golden locks, but we also both agreed that it was time. With a little Baby Einstein on in the background to keep him occupied, Megan took her scissors to his hair, and we all came out of it fine. He looks damn cute too, and so grown up as well. He looks like a little boy again! I know it was a long time coming, but he has such cute hair. I wouldn’t have cut it if it didn’t seem to bother him so much. He was always scratching his ears because his hair was tickling him and he is not ready for a pony tail like his Grandpa Jim, we gave him a trim.

Congrats to all of you who made it through this long post, you can find the rest of the pics here.

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