Jess and Kyle’s Wedding pics.

I must say I have never seen Kyle smile so big in a picture! Just the few that Otis & James posted on their blog look incredible. I can’t wait to see the rest. For those who know me, I have a tendency to exaggerate for dramatic effect (affect?) but take note that I am not exaggerating when it comes to how incredible hot it was that day! The wedding party was dripping with sweat and would wait in the air conditioned cars until it was our turn to take a picture, quick get out smile for the birdie and head back to the A.C.! You can’t even tell in the picture how hot we were, they look great. Check them all out

Jess and Kyle's Wedding

Otis & James did our wedding too (which was almost as hot as Jess and Kyle’s and the pics look great there too!), we have a few pics up on the website from our wedding. In fact, the picture of Tim and I at the top of our website was done by Otis and James. Tim also scheduled us to go in and take some portraits after the next baby comes. I can’t wait to go in and get them done, it will be great to have some really good pictures of the family. I know Michael will have a blast, he is such a ham and they do such a great job with kids.

Anyways, I must get back to our lazy vacation. We have a big day of nothing planned!

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