Baby Shannon #2

This post is a blanket answer for all the questions Tim and I have been fielding lately.

Stuff we need for baby: We are sitting good on baby clothes, receiving blankets and burp clothes. I plan on making a few more receiving blankets and burp clothes so the baby will have a few “fresher” ones. The things that are left on our shopping list can be found on our Target Registry.

We do have a baby pool going again and that link can be found on the Baby Shannon #2 page.

As for plans for when I go into labor and what we are going to do with Michael, we are still hammering out all the details. It all depends on when and where Baby #2 decides it is time to come out! If all goes smoothly, cross your fingers, my parents will be able to stay with Michael while Tim stays with me and baby in the hospital, after that… Tim gets 2 weeks paternal leave from work, so we will have that time to adjust to 2 babies then the honeymoon is truly over and the chaos begins!

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