Baby Shannon #2 Weekend

To Do

From my earlier posts on the blog and on Baby Shannon #2’s page, it is quite obvious I am getting to the “nesting” stage and starting to panic a little. Tim and I decided (by that I mean I decided and Tim didn’t dare disagree. No one likes an upset pregnant lady!) that this would be a good weekend to get everything ready for Baby. Beth had an unexpected free weekend so she came up to help with the organizing and wrangling Michael while Tim and I worked. I am still doing baby laundry: washing all the receiving blankets, little tiny onesies and everything else the baby will touch. I bought more flannel to make some fresh receiving blankets and burp clothes. We stocked up on little diapers and all the essentials and I am now breathing easier *sigh of relief* It was a very productive weekend. There are still lots of things to check off the ever growing list, but for the most part we are pretty much ready.

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