My New Favorite Author

How to Talk to a WidowerJess sent me the book How to Talk to a Widower by Jonathan Tropper for my birthday. (Thanks Jess!) I just finished it and I loved it. I will even admit it is better than Janet Evanovich and Sophie Kinsella (who are two of my favorite “chick lit” authors). Tropper is witty, hilarious, he writes incredible characters and a great story teller.

Every night before bed Tim and I read (I know we are a bunch of old farts!). The first night I started the book, I kept interrupting Tim’s reading so I could read to him passages of the book. Those of you who know Tim will agree, it takes a lot to get him laughing out loud and this book did it, not just some half laugh either but a good belly laugh. I am going out this afternoon to buy another one of his books. Thanks again Jess.

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