Change of Plans

Last week the doctors office called and changed my induction date from October 12th to October 9th.

Tim took some vacation days last week and we headed to the cabin for a few days of R&R before the baby comes. We finished out our mini vacation in Grand Forks. We watched Beth do her thing at a UND Sioux Football game and spent some time with the Shannons. Our weekend ended on a bit of a sour note with the worst brunch ever.

Tim and I were excited to get both of Michael and Baby #2’s Grandparents (and of course Auntie Beth and Great Grandma Moo) together for a quick lunch before heading home. The quick lunch didn’t happen. We spent an hour and a half at the Village Inn waiting for breakfast. I could go on about how bad it was and the the long wait but the best way to sum it up is, we will not be eating there again.

Anyhoo… Baby is coming. Soon. I much more important things to do than to be writing posts. My list is growing longer by the day, it seems like every time we cross one thing off two more things are added. Baby’s aren’t they great 😉

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