4 Days to Go!

Only 4 more days to go until we are officially a 2 child family. I have to tell you, I’m still getting over that we have one, much less the fact that he is now walking and trying to talk (he tends to grunt and growl more though).

It’s already Friday. This week has gone crazy fast, which is weird because I know how long Tuesday is going to seem like when we start inducing.

We have been cleaning all night, and as soon as Michael wakes up, he makes a mess out of everything, then we start all over as soon as he’s asleep.

Also, during Meg’s rest and relaxation weekend, we took lots of pictures of Michael being Michael (which is, in a word, cute), and we’re uploaded them all for you under the month of September.

Check them out!
Beth and Michael

One more thing. We’ve made some changes to the website; one of which is the tag cloud to the left. Essentially, it’s just key words we put on each post. The more posts have a keyword, the larger the word is in the tag cloud. Also there is a list of the top commentators (thanks by the way), and a list of the last posted comments.

More cool stuff to come later.

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