Tim Time

Tim’s Paternity Leave officially starts now!

I get my husband all to myself (myself meaning: Michael, Baby, Lucy, visiting Family and Friends and me!) for 2 whole weeks. It is worth going through labor just to have that time together as a family.

P.S. Still freaking out, but currently not as much as earlier today.

14 hours from now we will be loading up to head to the hospital.

Okay, now I am freaking out  😯

3 thoughts on “Tim Time

  1. Beth

    Good luck tomorrow Meg….AND.. Tim. you both will do great! And you are right meg, i will be pacing and sitting with my phone in my pocket in all my classes 🙂 I will be thinking of you guys and praying that everything goes well. Love you both. hopefully i’ll see you “4” 🙂 in a couple weeks.

  2. Christine

    I can’t believe that tomorrow there will be a whole new person in this world! A little combination of Tim and Megan. Good luck tomorrow. I’m so happy for you.

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