Baby Day

It is 5:30 am. I slept better than I thought I would but I did wake up with a nervous stomach ache. I have been instructed to eat a piece of toast and drink a glass of water. I think as an appetizer to that mouth watering doctor prescribed breakfast I will be taking a minimum of 3 antacids!

In an hour and a half my parents will be here to watch Michael so Tim and I can head to the hospital to start the whole baby process all over again.

I can’t thank all of you faithful website readers and commenters enough. All the well wishes and support have been great. It is a blessing to have such supportive family and friends.

Tim will be on his cell phone calling people as soon as he is able to with baby news. If all goes well, by the end of today we will have a healthy addition to the family and I will be recovering in one of the much lusted after and well deserved jacuzzi in the Mom and Baby wing of the hospital 🙂

Check back periodically for all baby news. If you do not get a call from Tim personally, it is not that we don’t love you, it is that in all the excitement we just forgot about you 🙂 Just Kidding… well kind of. If there is any day where we can be cut a little slack I think today is the day!

Its Baby Day!

A little something to keep you busy…

Here are pictures from the hospital when Michael was born.

Here is the link to St. Alexius Baby Boards. (as I posted before, for security purposes they will not post a pic of the baby until it has been released from the hospital)

Here is a link to the top baby names, for those of you that have not figured out what the name is through a “slip of the tongue”

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