Baby PJ

Thank you to everyone that came to Bismarck to meet our newest little man and to all that commented on the website. It is great to read all the well wishes and have all the family here.
Patrick and I are still doing good. We are checking out of the hospital tomorrow morning and heading home.

My parents have been taking care of Michael and have been bringing him by the hospital as much as possible so he can check out his little brother. Michael is handling it all okay, it is hard to judge his full reaction until we get home. So far he seems a little jealous but nothing so bad that a favorite toy or his blanky won’t distract him. I think once we get home the reality will hit that we have two little boys. As for now, we are enjoying the Grandparents help in the transition into a family of four!

Besides the excitement of having a baby yesterday, we had another surprise… Tim went out to run a few errands yesterday evening and when he got to the parking lot he saw our 2nd surprise. Someone had hit and run the car. Luckily, a cop saw the hit and run and got the license plate number. Long story short, we will be spending part of Tim’s paternity leave at the dealership getting the Corolla fixed.

Thats all for now, I am going back to cuddling and starring at Patrick. Give us a few days and we will update the whole website for now we will just be writing quick blogs to keep everyone up to date.

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