Day 3 at home

I don’t have to much to report. Our days have been pretty straight forward, attempt to keep Michael as close to his normal schedule as possible and keep Patrick warm, dry and fed.

So far, I think we are doing pretty good. Patrick has his day and night reversed, but other than that things are going great. We have taken many many pictures and maybe during Michael’s nap this afternoon Tim can post the latest ones.

Michael is doing really well with Patrick. He is showing more interest and less jealousy. We have caught him peeking into Patrick’s pack n’ play a few times to check out his little brother.

Things are going great and we couldn’t be happier. We have even been able to go for a walk and take a trip to the mall to pick up some essentials, but mostly we are just relaxing and enjoying this time of transition into a family of four!

Here is the link to the St. Alexius Birth Place Babies page. The picture doesn’t do Patrick justice. The nurses were fantastic there, just not very good photographers 🙂

We have made a few quick updates to the website:

Patrick & About

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