Really, how much sleep does one person need? Tim and I are testing the limits. We have been getting on average 4 hours of sleep.

It has nothing to do with Patrick being a bad sleeper, he is a great sleeper he just has his nights and days mixed up. It seems to be getting a little better and there may be a slow transition happening into “normal” sleep time.

Other than lack of sleep, which is to be expected, everything is going great. Better than ever expected or even wished for.  Michael thinks that Patrick is this great funny new thing Mom and Dad brought home. He is getting better at being gentle with Patrick and hasn’t seemed jealous yet. That said the two of them are already conspiring to make life just a little more difficult. Patrick only gets fussy when Michael needs something and Michael seems to wake up from his nap every day just as I start to feed Patrick, and if you think that its possible to pull a 25 lb toddler out of a crib while breastfeeding you are crazy!

One thought on “Sleep?

  1. Rachel

    sounds like you need some extra hands… 🙂
    I REALLY wish I could come up there!!!

    miss you guys!

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