The Honeymoon is almost over.

Tomorrow the honeymoon (better known as Tim’s paternity leave) is over!

If the past two weeks are any indication of what tomorrow is going to be like, I think… I hope…. I know??? I can survive. Patrick is a pretty easy going baby so as long as he doesn’t need to feed when Michael gets attention hungry or just plain old hungry, I think we will all make it through the day.  I am not even going to consider Lucy in the equation, to many unknowns.

That said, I will be watching the clock and counting the hours and minutes until Tim’s lunch break and when he gets home from work.  If I split the day into to sections, before lunch and after lunch. And just take each hour as it comes, I think I will be able to handle it.

Now, I am sure some of you reading this might be thinking that I am blowing this a little bit out of proportion. After all, it is only two little boys. To those who think that I would reply: I never EVER planned on being a stay at home Mom, before Michael I had never held a new born let alone been responsible for one’s survival, and I haven’t been in or even been around a theatre production in over 2 1/2 years. I am due for a little dramatic exaggeration. Besides, Michael gets to have melt downs when ever he pleases, I think it is my turn!

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