Three Weeks Old

We survived another week.

PJ is now 3 weeks old.

Patrick 3 weeks

Michael is starting to get a little jealous. He is wanting to be in my lap while I feed or hold Patrick. We have come up with a good compromise for that problem though, Michael will bring me a book and I will go sit on the couch with Patrick and Michael will come and sit next to us so I can read to him. I could use another hand or two at times, but for now, things are going pretty good.

Patrick is doing well. He seems to be putting on weight. He is sleeping better at night and feedings are now about 3 hours apart so Tim and I feel more rested. I would say we are almost into a routine, but things change so quickly in the first few weeks that you never really stay in one pattern long enough to call it a routine 🙂

Patrick is squirming and starting to wake up, I should cut this short. For everyone who didn’t see yesterdays post make sure you check it out…last minute Baptism plans.

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