Happy Halloween

All dressed up with no place to go!

Michael Michael's 2nd Halloween

It would have been a crime not get out and show off Michael all dressed up so we decided to stop by Tim’s work and say hi and then pick up some diapers at Target. After that Michael was very patient while I took dozens of pictures

Michael is no ordinary penguin. He is dressed up as the Linux Penguin, Tux.
Linux is the open source software Tim is always talking about.

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Beth

    man he’s cute! are there more?!?! why isn’t PJ dressed up? there’s gotta be a costume for litte, little tykes like him

  2. Grandma Clute

    I love the last picture – I can just hear that high squeel coming out of his mouth.

    Love the costume! I bet Tim loved showing him off at work.

  3. Steve

    I agree with Grandma Clute. I love that last picture. He has so many great expressions. Move over PC guy and head home Mac guy, here comes Linux.

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