Yuck Yuck Yuck

We are sick. It started with Michael, got passed to me and now Tim has it. Thankfully Patrick is showing no signs of it yet, and hopefully it will stay that way. In fact, I took him in to the Pediatrition this morning because we thought he was starting to show signs, but he is ok. Better than ok. They weighed him and he is up to 9 lbs already! I was told to keep a close eye on him and bring him in if anything changes but other than that there is nothing we can do for him now.

Michael was over the bug 2 days ago and is back to he usual self. I was in the ER last night last night getting fluids (the clinic nurses sent me there after I called with a few questions about breast feeding and having the flu). This morning I am feeling much better, I haven’t tackled any solid foods yet, but I am on the road to recovery. Tim got the bug this morning and has been quarantined to the bedroom.

I am off to sanitize the apartment from top to bottom before it cycles through the family again.

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