Going House Hunting!

We are heading out tomorrow morning to go house hunting. We are taking a slight detour to drop off Michael in Minot and then driving all day to get to Minneapolis. Tim and I are so pumped to finally see in person some of the house we have been scouting on the internet. There is a chance the project will not be up and going until Feb/March so we will probably not put an offer on a house this weekend, but we will narrow the selection down so when we do hear an official date (probably not until closer to Christmas) we can make an offer on our favorite (hopefully, it will still be on the market!) from Bismarck without having to make a trip to MN during our Christmas break.

***That was one long run-on sentence. Kudos to you that read and understood it! Basically I am so excited I am just blabbing. We will update you when we return with hopefully some really good news!

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