I Love the Christmas season! I think it is great that it comes earlier every year. The one good thing about Christmas being commercialized is that it starts in September now! If Tim didn’t grunt and groan so loudly, I would play Christmas music year around.

It is now officially the Christmas Season. We went to church on Sunday for the first Sunday of Advent, I can now play Christmas music without having to defend myself!

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We decided to forgo Christmas decorations this year because of the pending move. We could be told (with very short notice) that we are moving anytime after December and with all the Holiday traveling, it didn’t make much sense to put up the decorations… don’t worry, I make up for it with plenty of Christmas music! Did I mention I love Christmas music??!!

Yeah Christmas!!!

3 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS!!!

  1. Jess

    I’m with you, Meg! Kyle grumbles about Christmas coming earlier to WalMart every year, while I slyly pull out a few decorations earlier and earlier. Just, think, you’ll have a whole house to decorate next year. I’m picturing the garland now… 🙂

  2. Mom

    I totally agree Christmas music really makes the season special….and the words of Christmas songs are so up lifting…..way to go Meg, keep listening. We.start the day after Thanksgiving and enjoy it through epiphany. Next year you can decorate for Christmas all you want, with two little people, who will be expert help….enjoy that thought.

  3. Rachel

    Yeah for Christmas music!! I think I was listening to Harry Connick Jr’s “Let it Snow” way back in September!! You’re not alone in that, Meg :~)

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