2 months (today!) & 17 months (tomorrow!)


Patrick Michael

With all the holiday excitement, being in moving limbo and the general craziness that comes with two boys under two we have not been giving many updates on the boys. So here it goes: pictures, milestones and everything else that has been going on.


I am one proud mama so this may get to be a long post…you have been warned!

Patrick 2 Months Old!I will start with Patrick because he is two months old today! I can’t believe how quick it has gone, yet it seems so natural. (I never thought I would be saying this constant state of chaos would ever be the norm) Two months has gone by fast but at the same time, it feels like this is the way it has always been forever. Patrick definitely completes our little family. (Here is where Tim would insert “for now…”) What did we even do before we had the boys?I guess we never really had the chance to find out since we got pregnant just 2 months after being married!

Anyhoo, Patrick is making a lot of eye contact. He is loving his mobile, every time we start it up he gets a big smile on his cute little face. That is right, he is smiling! He is giving out his smiles more easily now. He loves when you talk to him, he even coos back sometimes.

Patrick Smiling at Tim Patrick

He is going to have a great personality. He is so patient with Michael. Michael thinks his baby brother is just the funniest thing and he wants to touch (touch=hit: he is still mastering “gentle touches”) Patrick all the time. The best is when we take off Patrick’s socks, Michael literally squeals with joy and laughs his big belly laugh. So cute! I know there will be a time where they despise each other and will only want to wrestle and tackle each other. For now, I am going to enjoy the simple times where I can watch Michael giggle at his little brother and not have to referee fights!


Patrick is also growing at an alarming rate. I truly think that we did not get as much infant/new born/new baby time with Patrick as we did with Michael. He is getting really tall. He is like Michael was at this age where all his clothes are either too short and fit around the waist or he is swimming in the clothes that fit him length wise. His little feet are growing out of most of his socks already!

Tim will be the first to tell you how strong Patrick is. He can hold his head up really well, he fights hard when you change his diaper, and if he doesn’t want to be held, there is no fighting him, he will struggle against you until you put him down. He is one tough little guy.

Now for Michael.


Michael supposedly said his first word. My mom was in town for business so we all went out for dinner at Johny Corinos. We sat at a table near the fire place. While waiting for Tim to join us, Mom walked over to the fireplace with Michael and she claims he said “HOT!” I didn’t hear it but a waitress and a patron heard it… I don’t know. I guess it counts but I am still a little skeptical!

Michael is now the KING of tantrums. He can turn them on and off at a drop of a hat. The pack n’ play (time out area) has become his second home. He is so mischievous. He knows when he is doing something he shouldn’t be and instead of being sneaky he will wait for you to look at him then he will act. His favorite no no is hitting either his brother or the ghetto plastic covered windows (have I mentioned lately how bad I want to move out of this apartment?)

He has also mastered the Tupperware drawers. His new favorite toys are my big plastic mixing bowls. Oddly enough he likes to sit in them. He will spend a half hour climbing in and out, backing into them and sitting and giggling. Doors are another favorite past time. When he is not sitting in a bowl he is locking us out of the nursery. I have no doubt he will be one of those boys with a “No Moms Allowed” sign on his door.

Michael in bowl

Michael is also getting big. He is growing in the opposite direction of his brother though. When asked, Michael will gladly show you his big ol’ belly. He may be growing outward faster than he is growing upward but he is getting smarter even faster. He now waves buh bye when ever someone leaves (including the waitress every time she left after taking our order, bringing us food, checking on us, refilling drinks…etc) He will point to his toes and ears. He isn’t talking, besides the one alleged “hot” incident, but he does use his baby sign language when he wants to communicate.

Michael and Tim Michael and Tim Tim and Michael

Ok, wow, this is getting a tad long. Most of you will see the boys in just a few weeks over Christmas and New Years. You can see for yourself then how big they are. Besides, they are doing something new a exciting every day. These milestones that seem so exciting now we seem like nothing by Christmas!

~more pictures here

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  1. Jess

    It was so fun to read about the boys’ latest accomplishments and see the photos. Tim and Meg, every time I see photos of your family, I am so proud of you guys. I think you really have it down when it comes to what’s important in life and making a happy family!

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